Eco-friendly Bento Box Set

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Change your lunchtime for the better with these eco-friendly bento boxes! 🍱

Do you want to switch up your lunch time and make a difference? Well with this Japanese inspired, eco-friendly and biodegradable bento box set you can. Ditch the plastic today and upgrade your meal time. 🗻

ℹ️ Features

Made from wheat straw, a low-impact and compostable alternative to plastic, this bento box comes in a convenient 3-layer design with a movable partition which makes it perfect for organizing your meals and taking them to the office, school, anywhere. Also available is the lunch cup, perfect for soups, ramen and more. Both come with a flexible catch lock seal to avoid spills and both are microwave and dishwasher safe to take the hassle out of lunch time. 

📏 Specifications

Bento Box - 18.5cm Width x 11.4cm Height x 8.2cm Depth, 900ml capacity.
Includes a wooden fork and spoon.

Cup - 10.5cm Width x 12.5cm Height x 9cm Depth, 600ml capacity.

Made from high quality and eco-friendly wheat straw.

Available in 3 colours:

  • Pink
  • Green
  • Beige

Customer Reviews

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Lovely box, but there is an issue.

It's been a month since I have been using it and I really like it!

However, I came across an issue the other day where I am starting to struggle to close the lid properly. I tried switching the top two containers around but it doesn't seem to work. I ended up having to resort to wrapping the box in clingfilm to make sure the food doesn't spill out!

I wanted to ask if this is a common issue and if there is anything I could do to fix it.

Aside from this, the box is great and it's good for managing my portions.

EDIT: After Mochi Mart got in touch with me and sent me a replacement, I have been using the new bento box frequently with no issues. I am very pleased with the communication and was very reassured. I will be buying again from this company.

Great Little Bento Box

The bento box itself is great. Lots of compartments and so far leak proof.

Laura Carpenter
Updated review

My previous review was prior to receiving the delivery and on the back of a long delay.
The item has now arrived and it is lovely. It looks to be good quality and easy to unclip.

Darren M.
Wrapped securely

The product came wrapped securely and there was no damage. A little while I'm still happy :)


Got the full set and it's great. Perfect for soup and keeping the rest of my lunch serperate. Thank you.